In this review we take a look at the aiRider

vacuum cleaner.

The aiRider Floating vacuum cleaner is called

“The world’s only floating vacuum”.

It actually levitates off so the vacuum cleaner

is unable to scratch floors. The aiRider works
both carpet as hardwood floors and the

floating vacuum cleaner has a whole goody

bag of attachments for all sorts of surfaces included. The aiRider has 90 inches of water

lift at the end of the hose. Most known brands such as the Hoover, Kirby, Oreck and Eureka vacuums

only have about 60-80 inches of water lift. This

means the aiRider has in theory greater suction.

 ​Floating Vacuum Cleaner
This canister vacuum cleaner floats on the 

and it is very comfortable to use.

Besides that, the floating feature is pretty neat

as well. Most vacuum cleaners weigh around

20 pounds, turning vacuuming into a real workout.

The aiRider is only 6.5 pounds and becomes light

as a feather when activated.

Most vacuums have suction power rated between

60 and 80 inches of lift. The powerful aiRider pulls

into a robust 90 inches of lift. When you press the

button to open the aiRider you can see the

re-usable bag in the vacuum cleaner.

All you have to do is to press the button and the re-usable bag comes right out. 

Features of the aiRider
The brush attachment is great for pet hair. The aiRider Floating Vacuum Cleaner comes

with a reusable bag, a microfiber bag and an HEPA filter bag. The aiRider is light-weight,

only 6.5 pounds. You do not have to pick the vacuum cleaner up anyway as the aiRider

floats around. This makes the vacuum cleaner very easy to use. The aiRider has a

comfortable handle grip where your hands go and there is a switch to regulate the air.

In case you want to reduce the air flow. The aiRider vacuum comes with a 6 foot long

hose, extension wand, 6 interchangeable tools, a dual use pet brush, a re-usable

collection bag, 10 disposable bags, a HEPA filter and a tool caddy.

"This “Floating” vacuum is lightweight, powerful, versatile and fun to use.

One thing that is really nice is that the canister of the vacuum cleaner is

so small that it just fits almost anywhere.

The aiRider is perfect for every household and every surface.

Take the aiRider challenge now and you will never go back."

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