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Our Product

Patented Hover Technology lets your wheel-free aiRider™ float just over the floor surface.

No wheels!  No scratches!  No weight!

Virtually weightless when in use! No more pulling and dragging!

No more scratching your hardwood floors!

aiRider™ comes with 10 simple to use accessories that make up your complete aiRider™ 

Home Care Maintenance System! One aiRider™
 can help you with virtually any household situation as you clean effortlessly! Ultra lightweight and powerful, the aiRider™ delivers high-quality performance for deep-down cleaning!

20 foot power cord…plug in once and go up to 20 feet from outlet!

The aiRider™ floating vacuum has NO WHEELS and utilizes our Patented Hovering Technology that optimizes airflow. This cutting edge technology provides you with a powerful and virtually effortless cleaning. The aiRider™ comes with everything you'll need to help keep your home thoroughly clean. aiRider™ delivers high-quality performance for deep-down cleaning throughout the home.

The aiRider™ is perfect for hardwood floors, carpet, furniture, stairs, and even eliminates pet hair! The amazing aiRider™ is weightless when in use! No wheels! No scratched floors! No back strain! Bonus offer…12 extra disposable bags!

What You Get

#1 -aiRider™ / Red Model AR-001
#2 -20 foot power cord
#3 -36" telescopic tube
#4 -6' hose assembly
#5 -11" turbo nozzle for carpets
#6 -10" hard floor nozzle
#7 -5" turbo nozzle+connector
#8 -5" upholstery nozzle crevice tool
#9 -7" small crevice/with brush for computers
#10 -small dusting brush tools
#11 -tool caddy carry bag
#12 -12 paper bag disposable filters
#13 -1 non woven reusable bag
owner's manual
manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty

Download the aiRider™ Manual here.

The aiRider™ patented hovering process harnesses massive amounts of airflow, correcting the problem of most vacuums on the market. Most vacuums are very inefficient with very little regard for the most important aspect of your vacuum, airflow!!! This leaves too much dirt embedded in your carpet fibers and simply leaves dirt behind when you clean.

With the immense amount of powerful airflow, the aiRider™ makes removing pet hair much easier! The aiRider™ is actually being used in many pet grooming centers across the USA!



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get replacement filters?
Order on line at our store or call 440-256-3746.

Can I buy the aiRider™ at a store?
Yes…please refer to our “Dealer Locator” page. If there is no store in your area we encourage you to purchase now from

Can I use the aiRider™ on all floor surfaces?
Yes. And because the aiRider™ has no wheels, it won’t scratch your hardwood floors.

How much power does the aiRider™ use?
12 Amps, 120V - 60Hz, 1400 Watts

What is the warranty on my aiRider™ vacuum?
1 Year Limited Warranty

How much does the aiRider™ weigh?
Only 6.5 pounds! The aiRider™ is virtually weightless when in use. Makes cleaning a “walk in the park”!

How does the aiRider™ work with pet hair?
Due to the exceptional harness of airflow you’ll find that the aiRider™ is your pet hair solution!

How often should I clean the filters?
With your aiRider™ purchase you will have 2 filter options. One filter is permanent and we recommend you begin using the permanent filter only AFTER you have cleaned 4 to 5 times with your aiRider™ Hepa replacement filters. You will notice the “clean air” benefit of our special aiRider™ Hepa filters when vacuuming!  On average we recommend you replace the bag after every 6-10 vacuums, or at least once a month. Further cleaning instruction are provided in the manual.

Will the aiRider™ lose suction?
All vacuums will lose suction if you don't clean the filters. The aiRider™ develops incredible airflow when in use, creating lots of cleaning power and suction. The aiRider™'s incredible airflow will help to compensate for suction you may lose if you forget to clean/replace your bag as recommended. Even though you’ll notice the extreme aiRider™ suction power…you will need to clean or replace your filters to continue with the aiRider™ intended supreme performance.